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New-Old-Stock Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide (UG) Cassette. 7-speed/12x21

New-Old-Stock Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide (UG) Cassette. 7-speed/12x21

New-Old-Stock Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide (UG) Cassette. 7-speed/12x21
New-Old-Stock Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide (UG) Cassette... 7-speed/12x21 Thank you for your interest in this item and please visit our store for other offerings. This offering is for a new-old-stock (NOS) Shimano 600-Ultegra 7-speed cassette with the UniGlide "twisted-tooth" design that includes a 12-13-14-15-17-19-21 cluster.

As some of you may already know, this cassette was near top-end in it's time (probably the early 90's), as the 600-Ultegra groupset is only one step below top-end Dura-Ace. Having said this, the model determination is probably not as significant as the unit's specifications... A vintage Shimano UniGlide cassette with the larger style lockring sprocket for more compatibility options... See detailed notes below and fairly desirable road bike gearing (the combination of which is fairly hard to find in today's marketplace). Additionally, we are having an extremely difficult time sourcing any UniGlide cassettes in the 7-speed variety at this time.

This cassette is index (or as Shimano used to call it, "SIS") shifting capable, but as mentioned above, this is a UniGlide cassette. As a result, this model requires a Shimano freehub... And more specifically a UniGlide model with uniform splines and visible threads at the end/edge of the hub body where the smallest/threaded UniGlide sprocket is mounted/threaded and cinches down on the previously mounted splined component pieces. This threading placement differs on a newer HyperGlide freehub body, as the threads are placed internally...

On the underside of the splined hub body. For this reason, a HyperGlide cassette uses a completely different component... As a result of these threading differences, the two cassette types are not interchangeable as a complete unit. The freehub spacing for these cassettes, because they are of the 7-speed variety, is usually going to be 126 mm, and because all of the clustered sprockets are easily disassembled, they are individually replaceable.

In fact, one of the benefits to the uniform design of each UniGlide sprocket is that once a sprocket is worn out, it may be reversed or "flipped over" on the freehub and used as if new... Giving you twice the useful life on each individual sprocket (note: this applies to all of the sprockets except for the smallest sprocket, which generally has a built-in spacer that will not allow for it to be flipped over). This cassette design also allows for flexibility in changing sprocket sizes to create a rear cluster that better suits individual needs (assuming of course, the availability of additional UniGlide sprockets). As for condition, this Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide cassette is new and unused (and still in its original retail packaging).

Shimano designed/manufactured their Dura-Ace Uniglide cassette/freehub systems to different specifications relative to their other UniGlide systems. The splined cogs and spacers (and the related splined section of a UniGlide hub body) are similar for all Shimano UniGlide models, but the smallest UniGlide sprocket that threads onto the end of a UniGlide hub body is spec'd to different standards. More specifically, Shimano made their Dura-Ace threaded sprockets (and the threaded section of their Dura-Ace hub bodies that accommodate them) with a smaller diameter relative to their other UniGlide systems. We measure Shimano UniGlide threaded cogs (with the exception of Dura-Ace models) to be about 33.5 mm in diameter and they will thread fine on just about any non Dura-Ace UniGlide freehub.

However, Shimano's Dura-Ace threaded UniGlide cogs were spec'd to a smaller standard... With only a 31.0 mm diameter... And are only compatible with Dura-Ace UniGlide freehubs with the smaller (in diameter) threaded hub body section.

Please keep in mind this is only an issue with threaded UniGlide sprockets, as all splined UniGlide sprockets and spacers are interchangable on just about any UniGlide freehub... This particular offering includes the larger UniGlide sprocket, with a threaded inside diameter of 33.5 mm. You may visit our store by clicking on this "Store Home Page". Link and please note the product categories on the left side of our "Store Home Page".

We have also moved our "Terms and Conditions". You may navigate to this page by clicking on the link on the left side of our "Store Home Page". Unfortunately, this service is more expensive, especially for smaller/lighter packages, relative to the First Class International service. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Cycling\Bicycle Components & Parts\Cassettes, Freewheels & Cogs". The seller is "bicyclists_retreat" and is located in this country: US.

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  • Model: 600/Ultegra
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Part Type: Cassette
  • Compatible Bike Type: Road Bike
  • Brand: Shimano
  • Number of Speeds: 7 speed

New-Old-Stock Shimano 600-Ultegra UniGlide (UG) Cassette. 7-speed/12x21